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Web Development

Want to build a web app, but don't know where to start? We specialize in creating comprehensive solutions, and our experts are ready to help at every stage, from product idea to implementation and long-term support. Front-end or back-end - we will help you identify your needs and ideas, turning them into a successful, ready-to-market product.


Frontend is the key to user satisfaction as it is responsible for what they see and interact with. Therefore, a perfect frontend is a must when creating an application that is visually attractive and highly functional. Make sure your customers get the responsive, well-functioning digital product they deserve. Our team of experienced frontend developers have spent thousands of hours creating world-class web applications for multiple brands.



The backend focuses on what happens behind the scenes of an application and is crucial to ensuring stable application performance. With us, you can be sure that your application is safe, reliable and scalable. We provide solid back-end solutions for startups and enterprises - from MVP to scalable microservices-based architecture written in Node.js or Ruby, serving thousands of users.


Mobile Development

You have an idea for an app that will change the world - we have the right tools for that! We specialize in building applications for Android and iOS systems using React Native technology.

Cross-platform applications

Cross-platform applications are designed to run on multiple platforms. Applications reuse as much code as possible, which naturally lowers maintenance and development costs. At the same time, the native elements of the application guarantee a flawless user experience and great performance. React Native was created with React - a JavaScript framework for the front-end environment - code created in RN can be made available not only for iOS and Android, but also for web applications.



React Native is a great way to reduce the total cost of your project as you will be building an application to work on multiple platforms simultaneously. You will not have to engage additional teams to create separate applications for iOS, Android and the browser.


Fast implementation

Much of the code is the same for any application. Building applications in React Native is much faster than writing separate native applications. The implementation time as well as the quality assurance are significantly optimized. This ensures faster time-to-market and allows you to further reduce costs.


Project Management

We efficiently manage projects and all processes. You can rely on our support at every stage of cooperation.

Research and Development

Do you need to define the scope of your project? Our team will do all of these and more! We approach each case individually and help identify the best technical possibilities and main barriers to fully understand what to expect from your business idea.



A customized plan requires an understandable roadmap to help you see all the milestones and components that need to be assigned and developed. An organized workflow is critical to an application's timeline and a consistent development process. In such a workflow, we can include iterations, recommendations, tests and communication points that must be planned throughout the entire process. With this plan, we will show you a clear path to your product goals.


Quality Assurance

A successful product is a derivative of your company's value and the needs of your customers. Our employees understand these two aspects and use this knowledge to protect your product from defects and problems. This allows you to create a product that is not only useful and pleasant, but also reliable.

End-to-End Tests

E2E testing is a technique that tests all software from start to finish to make sure that the application flow is behaving as expected. Defines the system dependencies of the product and ensures that all integrated components work together as expected. The main purpose of E2E testing is testing based on the end user experience by simulating a real user scenario and validating the tested system and its components for integration.


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